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100 Fun Things for Kids to Do This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. Some parents dread it. Some parents relish it. All parents become desperate for activities two days in.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We will have seven kids at home this summer, just itching to either stare at screens or destroy the house. We have compiled a comprehensive list of summer activity ideas to help them pass the time. Some are educational, some are silly, all are lots of fun.

If you want to create a truly memorable summer, print out a calendar, and sit down with your kids to pick-out and fill-in some of these activities. Kids love structure and organization, and knowing what to expect on what days will give them something to look forward to.

So, join us on this magical journey as we unveil a treasure trove of ideas that will turn your summer into a symphony of laughter, learning, and precious memories. Sit back, relax, and let’s conquer summer, one delightful adventure at a time!

Table of Contents

Nature and Classic Outdoor Activities

Girl running through field flying kite

1. Go on a nature hike and identify different plants and animals. Hiking allows children to connect with nature and develop an appreciation for the environment. They can learn about local flora and fauna, fostering a sense of curiosity and respect for the natural world. This activity book might come in handy!

2. Fly a kite in an open field. Kite flying combines physical activity, problem-solving, and the thrill of seeing a colorful kite soaring in the sky. It’s a wonderful way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the summer breeze. Start out with a simple kite that’s easy for kids to fly, like the Delta Kite. If kite-flying is something your child really enjoys, consider investing in a more advanced kite, like a Parafoil or a Sled Kite.

3. Picnic in the park. Picnics allow for quality family time in a relaxed outdoor setting. It’s a chance to enjoy delicious food, play games, and bond with your kids while surrounded by nature. A Picnic Backpack is a modern, portable take on the classic Wicker Picnic Basket, but you choose what is most fun for you!

4. Go on a family camping trip and roast marshmallows over a campfire. Camping trips offer opportunities for adventure, exploration, and bonding in nature. Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores around a campfire is a classic camping tradition that creates lasting memories.

5. Plant a garden and watch it grow. Gardening teaches kids about responsibility, patience, and the wonders of nature. They learn to care for plants, witness the growth process, and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting their own produce. Use this opportunity to teach your child how to use different gardening tools.

6. Go on a hammocking adventure! Take a hike or visit a local park and find some sturdy trees to hole-up in-between. Hammocks are a fun way to relax and can be found for very affordable prices and last for years.

7. Set up a DIY outdoor art installation using natural materials. Outdoor art installations using natural materials offer a unique and eco-friendly artistic expression. Kids can create sculptures, mandalas, or installations, exploring the interplay between art and nature.

8. Go on a family fishing trip and learn about aquatic ecosystems. Fishing trips provide opportunities for relaxation, patience, and learning about aquatic environments. Kids can learn about different fish species, ecosystems, and the importance of conservation. Get your child started with a Beginner’s Youth Fishing Pole.

9. Set up a DIY outdoor painting studio and create works of art. Outdoor studios provide a change of scenery and inspiration for artistic expression. It allows kids to connect with nature while exploring different painting techniques and materials. Finger paints for the littles and watercolors or pastels for those that can be trusted not to eat the paint.

10. Set up a DIY outdoor science exploration station with magnifying glasses and observation tools. Outdoor science exploration stations provide tools for kids to observe and discover the wonders of nature. This promotes curiosity, scientific observation skills, and a deeper understanding of the natural world.

11. Go on a family horseback riding adventure. Horseback riding adventures allow families to connect with animals and nature. They promote physical fitness, confidence, and an appreciation for the bond between humans and horses.

Want help keeping your kids motivated this summer? Download the award-winning App that motivates kids to make the most of summer!

12. Go on a family geocaching adventure. Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt that combines technology, problem-solving, and outdoor exploration. It promotes navigation skills, teamwork, and discovery of hidden treasures in your local area.

13. Explore a nearby nature preserve or forest. Nature perservesoffer opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, and observing wildlife. They provide a tranquil escape from city life and allow children to appreciate the beauty and diversity of natural ecosystems. A pair of Compact Binoculars might come in handy!

14. Visit a local botanical garden and learn about plants and flowers. Botanical gardens offer a tranquil setting to explore different plant species and learn about their unique characteristics. They provide an opportunity for kids to connect with nature and deepen their understanding of plant life.

Artistic Activities

Family singing with kitchen utensils. Family talent show.

15. Create a family scrapbook with summer memories. Scrapbooking allows families to preserve and cherish summer memories. It encourages creativity, storytelling, and reflection on shared experiences. Paper crafts can get expensive (and messy), but scrapbook kits can help make this activity easy and affordable.

16. Have a family talent show and showcase your skills. Talent shows provide a platform for self-expression and boosting confidence. Family members can showcase their talents, support one another, and create an atmosphere of celebration and encouragement.

17. Go on a photography walk and capture interesting sights and scenery. Photography walks encourage observation, appreciation for aesthetics, and creativity. Kids can capture moments, experiment with angles, and develop their artistic eye. Don’t have a camera? Let them use an old phone or iPad.

18. Set up a watercolor painting station outdoors. Painting with watercolors outdoors allows kids to connect with nature and find inspiration in their surroundings. It provides a calming and meditative activity that encourages self-expression and relaxation. These easels are a super fun (but not necessary) way to enjoy painting outdoors!

19. Have a DIY tie-dye session with old white t-shirts or socks. Tie-dyeing is a fun and creative craft that allows kids to personalize their clothing. It promotes artistic expression, experimentation with colors, and the joy of wearing unique creations. All you need is a Plain White T-shirt and a Tie-Dye Kit to get started!

20. Painted Rocks. Collect smooth rocks from the outdoors or purchase them from a craft store. Provide acrylic paints or markers and let your child decorate the rocks with various designs, patterns, or even create characters. They can use these painted rocks to decorate their garden or create a fun rock hunt game!

21. Have a DIY outdoor science photography project capturing natural elements. Outdoor science photography projects combine artistic photography and scientific observation. Kids can capture images of plants, insects, and natural phenomena, developing an appreciation for the intricacies of the natural world.

22. Have an outdoor art exhibition and display your artwork. Outdoor art exhibitions provide a platform to showcase artistic creations and celebrate creativity. Kids can display their artwork, appreciate others’ work, and experience the joy of sharing their talents with others.

23. Create a DIY bird feeder and observe the birds that visit. Building a bird feeder promotes an interest in nature and provides an opportunity to learn about different bird species. Kids can observe and identify birds, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship. Try a DIY Bird Feeder Kit to help you get started.

24. Have your own fashion show. Dig out the halloween costumes or even bring out that one bin of old clothes from college. DIY fashion shows encourage self-expression, creativity, and confidence. Kids can curate their own runway looks, experiment with styling, and showcase their personal sense of style.

25. Make thank-you cards. Make homemade thank you cards with your child and encourage them to express gratitude to teachers, friends, family members, or community helpers who have made a positive impact in their lives.

26. Fourth of July Flag Fun. Looking for a fun way to celebrate the biggest holiday of the summer? Create American flag-inspired crafts using materials like construction paper, craft sticks, and paint. Kids can make flag collages, handprint flags, or even paint their own versions of the American flag.

Activities to do with Friends

Kids playing in fort

27. Have a water balloon fight. Water balloon fights are a great way to cool down and have fun on hot summer days. It promotes physical activity, hand-eye coordination, and laughter-filled moments of excitement. Some genius came up with these easy to fill water balloons and our kids are obsessed!

28. Go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. Scavenger hunts foster problem-solving skills, observation, and teamwork. Kids can explore their neighborhood, discover hidden treasures, and engage in friendly competition. Try this Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids if you’re looking for a place to start.

29. Build a fort using blankets and pillows. Building forts encourages creativity, problem-solving, and imaginative play. Kids can create their own cozy hideaways and engage in pretend adventures.

30. Rally the neighborhood for some outdoor games. Classic outdoor games like kick-the-can, ghost in the graveyard, and capture the flag are games that will teach children fundamental social skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving and bring them closer to the kids in the neighborhood.

31. Set up a backyard carnival with games and prizes. DIY outdoor carnivals offer a festive atmosphere and a variety of games for kids to enjoy. It promotes excitement, friendly competition, and provides an opportunity to experience the joy of winning prizes.

32. Have a DIY outdoor concert and perform for family and friends. Outdoor concerts promote musical expression, confidence, and creativity. Kids can showcase their talents, collaborate on performances, and experience the joy of performing for an audience. Consider investing in a Wireless Microphone to really make it an experience!

33. Play a game of “Bigger and Better.” This is a trading game where participants start with a small item and trade it with others to obtain progressively larger or more valuable items within a set time limit, aiming for the best final item. Each person or team begins with a relatively small and inexpensive item, such as a pen, pencil, or paperclip and then tries to trade it with strangers – this game can be played in a public area or by knocking on neighbor’s doors, and should, of course, always be done with adult supervision.

34. Have an outdoor water gun fight. Outdoor water gun fights provide refreshing and exciting water-based activities. It promotes active play, laughter, and a fun way to beat the heat during the summer months.

35. Set up an outdoor sports day with various games and competitions. Outdoor sports days promote physical fitness, teamwork, and friendly competition. Kids can participate in different sports and games, from flag football to spike-ball, improving their skills and enjoying the thrill of friendly rivalry.

Educational Activities

Kid selling lemonade at a home-made lemonade stand

36. Set-up a lemonade stand. Lemonade stands teach kids about entrepreneurship, money management, and customer service. They learn valuable skills while having fun and potentially earning some pocket money. It doesn’t have to be lemonade either – encourage your child to experiment with what they enjoy.

37. Visit a local historical reenactment or Renaissance fair. Historical reenactments and Renaissance fairs provide immersive experiences that transport kids to different time periods. It promotes an understanding of history, cultural appreciation, and provides entertainment through interactive demonstrations and performances.

38. Go on a family survival skills camping trip. Camping trips provide opportunities to learn basic survival skills in the great outdoors. Kids can learn to set up tents, build fires safely, navigate using a compass, and develop a sense of self-reliance.

39. Visit a science museum or planetarium. Science museums and planetariums provide interactive exhibits and educational experiences. They inspire curiosity, spark interest in science, and offer hands-on learning opportunities for kids.

40. Visit a local library and participate in summer reading programs. Libraries provide a wealth of resources and engaging programs for children during the summer. Reading fosters imagination, language development, and a love for learning.

41. Have a DIY science experiment day with fun and educational activities. DIY science experiments spark curiosity and promote hands-on learning. Kids can explore scientific concepts, conduct experiments, and develop critical thinking skills. You can find many great at-home science kits for under $25 dollars here, or look online for some classics that only require household materials – Mentos and Coke anyone?

42. Visit a local art gallery or museum. Art galleries and museums offer exposure to different forms of art, culture, and history. They provide educational experiences, spark creativity, and promote appreciation for artistic expression.

43. Visit a local fire station and learn about fire safety. Fire stations offer educational tours where kids can learn about fire safety, meet firefighters, and see firefighting equipment up close. It promotes awareness, safety knowledge, and gratitude for the work of firefighters.

44. Set up an outdoor stargazing session and learn about constellations. Outdoor stargazing sessions allow families to marvel at the beauty of the night sky and learn about constellations. This promotes an understanding of astronomy, sparks wonder, and provides opportunities for storytelling and mythologies related to the stars.

45. Go on a local historical tour and learn about the history of your area. Historical tours provide insight into the heritage and culture of your region. Kids can learn about significant events, landmarks, and gain a deeper appreciation for their community’s history.

46. Visit a local wildlife sanctuary or zoo. Wildlife sanctuaries and zoos provide opportunities to observe and learn about different animals. They promote an understanding of wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, and foster a love for animals.

47. Pet-sitting or dog-walking. If your child loves animals, they can start a pet-sitting or dog-walking service in your neighborhood. They’ll not only make some cash, but they’ll learn about responsibility, time management, and customer satisfaction.

48. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a valuable skill for people to learn young, and what better time to start than this summer? There are many ways to teach children mindfulness including mindful walks, breathing exercises, and guided meditation exercises. This book by Lisa Roberts will help get you started, or try using a bedtime meditation audio.

49. Visit a local planetarium or observatory and learn about the universe. Planetariums offer immersive experiences that allow kids to explore the wonders of the universe. This experience promotes scientific curiosity, expands knowledge about space, and fosters a sense of awe and wonder.

Fun with Food

Home-made vanilla and strawberry popsicles

50. Visit a local ice cream shop and try different flavors. Ice cream outings are a classic summer tradition. They create memorable experiences and allow kids to indulge in a sweet treat while supporting local businesses.

51. Have a pizza taste test with different toppings and sauces. Taste tests allow kids to explore flavors, textures, and culinary creativity. It expands their palate, promotes decision-making, and encourages trying new things.

52. Make homemade popsicles with fruit juice or yogurt. Making popsicles at home is a fun and delicious way to beat the summer heat. Kids can experiment with flavors, learn about freezing properties, and enjoy a refreshing treat they helped create.

53. Host a tea party. Invite neighbors or friends over for some old-fashioned fun! Set up a tea table with teacups, saucers, and a teapot and offer a selection of child-friendly teas, such as herbal or fruit teas, and serve up some yummy treats like finger sandwiches, cookies, and mini pastries. This can be a perfect opportunity to teach your children about manners and being a gracious host.

54. Have a cooking competition with family or friends! Cooking competitions spark friendly rivalry and culinary creativity. Kids can compete in challenges, showcase their cooking skills, and enjoy the thrill of a culinary showdown.

55. Make your own ice cream! Cool off from warm summer days with a homemade treat – no ice-cream maker necessary. Combine sugar and half-and-half, and your choice of toppings in one large ziplock bag and kosher salt and ice in another. Place the closed cream bag in the ice one, zip up, and start shaking! Your ice-cream should be ready in about 7 to 10 minutes. Here is the recipe.

56. Have a personal pizza night where everyone can customize their own pizzas. DIY pizza nights allow kids to get involved in meal preparation and unleash their creativity. It teaches them about different ingredients, flavors, and the joy of sharing a homemade meal. Get some Personal-Size Pizza Pans and get cooking!

57. Have an outdoor cooking day of only new recipes. Outdoor cooking days offer opportunities for culinary exploration and learning. Kids can learn to cook new recipes, experience different cooking methods, and expand their palettes, all while enjoying the outdoors.

Out on the Town

Family jumping in the water at the beach

58. Go on a treasure hunt at a local park. Treasure hunts spark excitement and curiosity as kids search for hidden treasures. It promotes problem-solving, critical thinking, and physical activity while exploring a new environment.

59. Play mini-golf or visit a batting cage. Mini-golf and batting cages offer opportunities for friendly competition, hand-eye coordination, and skill development. They provide a fun and interactive way to engage in sports and outdoor activities.

60. Go on a day trip to a nearby city or town. Day trips to new destinations spark curiosity and expose kids to different cultures, history, and landmarks. It broadens their horizons and creates memorable experiences.

61. Visit your local humane society. Many humane societies offer visiting hours where accompanied children can visit the animals and play with them. Check with your local shelter and ask about the programs they offer! These activities give children the opportunity to explore their interests, interact with animals, and nurture their compassionate side.

62. Run (or walk) for a cause. There are many community events and fundraisers put on throughout the year in various cities that involve walking or running. Keep your eye open for events like the Walk to End Alzheimer’s or the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. These types of events are great ways to expose children to community service and get them moving!

63. Go on a bike tour of your city or town. Bike tours allow families to explore their community, discover new places, and promote physical fitness. It offers a unique perspective and a sense of adventure as you navigate through familiar and unfamiliar streets. Want to keep the kids engaged? Try biking to a specific destination like a fro-yo shop or a park to sweeten the deal!

64. Tour a local sports stadium or arena. Sports stadium or arena tours offer behind-the-scenes experiences and a glimpse into the world of professional sports. It allows kids to learn about sports history, stadium architecture, and experience the excitement of being in a sports venue.

65. Pay a visit to a local community garden and learn about sustainable gardening practices. Community gardens promote sustainable gardening practices and provide an opportunity to learn about growing food. Kids can get hands-on experience, connect with nature, and develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

66. Check-out a local farm or petting zoo. Farms and petting zoos provide opportunities for children to interact with animals and learn about their care. They can feed, pet, and observe various farm animals, fostering a connection with nature and promoting empathy.

67. Go flower-picking. Go to a flower farm and have your child pick out their very own bouquet. Afterwards, see if they want to arrange them in a vase, make a flower crown, or even press them for safekeeping!

68. Learn about agricultural practices through visiting a local farm and. Farm visits offer educational experiences where kids can learn about farming, sustainable practices, and where food comes from. It promotes an understanding of agriculture, fosters appreciation for farmers, and connects kids with the food they eat.

69. Visit a local children’s theater for a live performance. Children’s theater performances offer entertainment and cultural experiences. It exposes kids to the world of performing arts, sparks imagination, and encourages an appreciation for storytelling.

70. Decorate your bikes and go on a neighborhood bike parade. Bike parades encourage community engagement and creativity. Kids can decorate their bikes, join the parade, and enjoy a fun-filled activity that promotes physical activity and social connection. You can purchase bike tassels and decorations or make them at home!

71. Visit a local farmer’s market and try different fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmer’s markets provide an opportunity to connect with local farmers, learn about seasonal produce, and taste fresh, nutritious foods. It promotes healthy eating habits and an understanding of where food comes from.

72. Visit a local aquarium and learn about marine life. Aquariums offer a fascinating glimpse into underwater ecosystems. Kids can observe and learn about various marine species, promoting awareness of conservation and environmental stewardship.

Fun for the Whole Family – Family Activities

Family getting ready for road trip

73. Visit the beach and build sandcastles. Building sandcastles promotes creativity and imagination. It’s a hands-on activity that encourages problem-solving and teamwork as you work together to construct intricate structures using just a bucket and pail. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t even need a beach! Kinetic sand brings the beach to you.

74. Visit a local amusement park or fair. Amusement parks and fairs offer a wide range of thrilling rides, games, and entertainment. They provide a day full of excitement, laughter, and shared experiences for the whole family.

75. Set up an outdoor water park with sprinklers and water toys. DIY outdoor water parks offer hours of fun and help beat the heat. They promote physical activity, sensory play, and laughter-filled moments of splashing and sliding all while getting that crispy summer lawn the water it needs! A Spinning Sprinkler Hose Attachment or this Inflatable Cactus Water Toy are pretty much guaranteed to keep your kids occupied for hours!

76. Create a DIY obstacle course in the backyard. Obstacle courses encourage children to be active, improve their motor skills, and overcome challenges. Obstacle courses can be made from so many things from jump ropes to old tires –  get the kids together and get creative designing and modifying the course, then have fun competing! Some simple Disc Cones or an Agility Ladder might come in handy.

77. Have a family game night with board games. Game nights promote family bonding, friendly competition, and strategic thinking. They provide an opportunity to disconnect from screens and enjoy quality time together. These are some of our family favorites (ordered by difficulty level). Sleeping Queens Card Game, Sorry!, Scrabble, and Clue.

78. Have a family dance party in the living room. Dancing is a fun way to be active and express oneself creatively. It boosts mood, releases endorphins, and strengthens family bonds through shared laughter and joyful movement.

79. Learn new card games. Upgrade from Go-Fish and put that card deck to work learning some new card games as a family. Poker, Solitaire, Hearts, Black Jack and Egyptian Ratscrew are all great places to start. Card games are valuable to learn because they can be taken anywhere, played with almost anyone, and they are a great way to connect with new friends.

80. Have a backyard campout complete with s’mores and stargazing. Backyard camping offers a taste of the outdoors while still being close to home. It provides an opportunity for kids to experience the excitement of sleeping in a tent, telling stories around a campfire, and discovering the wonders of the night sky.

81. Have a family movie marathon with your favorite films. Movie marathons offer a chance for relaxation and bonding. Families can cuddle up together, enjoy snacks, and revisit their favorite movies or explore new ones. Can’t decide what to watch? Check out these Family-Friendly Movies on Amazon Prime.

82. Go fruit-picking. Enjoy the bounty of summer by taking your children fruit picking at local farms. From strawberries to blueberries and apples, let them experience the joy of harvesting fresh produce while spending a day outdoors.

83. Set up a backyard water slide or slip ‘n slide. Water slides and slip ‘n slides offer thrilling and refreshing fun on hot summer days. They promote active play, coordination, and laughter-filled moments of excitement.

8. Have a picnic dinner and watch the sunset. Picnic dinners combined with watching the sunset provide a peaceful and romantic atmosphere for families. It encourages quality time, relaxation, and appreciation of nature’s beauty.If you don’t already have one, this Portable Picnic Blanket is an easy way to take your picnic anywhere you go!

85. Create a family time capsule to be opened in the future. Time capsules allow families to reflect on the present and preserve memories for the future. It encourages reflection, storytelling, and the anticipation of opening the capsule years later. This Stainless Steel Time Capsule adds a layer of fun, but it doesn’t have to be fancy – a cardboard box and some duct tape will do – get creative!

86. Have a self-care spa day. DIY spa days provide opportunities for relaxation, self-care, and creativity. Kids can indulge in pampering activities, learn about skincare, and enjoy a spa-like experience at home. Try these animal face masks or get fancy with a bubbling foot soak tub and get your self-care stash started.

87. Go on a family road trip to a new destination. Road trips offer the thrill of exploration and adventure. They provide opportunities for bonding, discovery, and creating shared memories while experiencing new places and cultures. Make the ride fun with some road-trip games, or a bonding experience with conversation-starter cards.

88. Have a family karaoke night and sing your favorite songs. Karaoke nights promote self-expression, boost confidence, and provide a platform for family fun. It encourages laughter, singing together, and creating joyful memories. Try this Karaoke Machine if you’re fully invested in the idea!

89. Set up a DIY outdoor cinema using a Bluetooth Projector and watch a movie under the stars. Outdoor cinemas offer a unique and magical movie-watching experience, not to mention are an affordable way to enjoy the movie theater experience. You can purchase a Portable Projector Screen, use a white bed sheet or curtain against a wall. Watching a movie outdoors creates an enchanting atmosphere, encourages relaxation, and provides an opportunity to enjoy a film together in a different setting.

90. Have a science fiction day with movie marathons and discussions. Science fiction days allow kids to explore imaginative worlds, engage in critical thinking, and discuss futuristic concepts. It sparks creativity and encourages conversations about possibilities and the future. Here’s a list of Family-Friendly Science-Fiction Movies on Amazon Prime to get you started!

91. Go on a family canoeing or kayaking trip. Canoeing or kayaking trips allow families to connect with nature and enjoy water-based activities. It promotes teamwork, physical fitness, and appreciation for aquatic environments. Don’t forget those lifejackets though!

92. Have a family storytelling night where everyone shares their favorite stories. Storytelling nights encourage the art of storytelling and oral traditions. It allows family members to share their favorite stories, memories, and experiences, creating a sense of belonging and connection.

93. Have a DIY outdoor yoga or meditation session. Outdoor yoga or meditation sessions provide a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. Exercise on a yoga mat promotes mindfulness, relaxation, and allows kids to connect with nature while practicing self-care.

94. Go on a family paddleboarding adventure. Paddleboard adventures provide opportunities for water-based exploration and physical activity. Paddleboarding encourages balance, coordination, and a connection with nature while enjoying a day on the water.

95. Have a theater night and watch a movie or perform a play. Whether or not you’re raising theater kids, having a family theater night allows families to enjoy movies or performances together. Giving children the space to design and perform a play fosters creativity, teamwork, and a love for theater and will leave everyone with many memorable experiences.

96. Take a sunset hike and enjoy the beautiful views. Sunset hikes offer breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. It provides an opportunity for family bonding, appreciation of nature’s beauty, and physical activity in a different light. Don’t forget to pack flashlights!

97. Have a family photo shoot in a scenic location. Family photo shoots capture special moments and create lasting memories. It encourages creativity, self-expression, and the opportunity to explore beautiful locations together.

98. Set up a DIY outdoor music jam session with homemade instruments. Outdoor music jam sessions encourage musical creativity and expression. Kids can create homemade instruments, experiment with sound, and enjoy making music together in the fresh air.

99. Go on a family hike and explore nature trails. Family hikes offer opportunities for physical activity, exploration, and appreciation of nature. It allows kids to discover new plant and animal species, learn about ecosystems, and enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes. If you’re going on a longer adventure, consider bringing a backpack, hiking poles, and of course – snacks!

100. Build a puzzle together! Puzzles are a screen-free form of entertainment that foster fine motor skills, persistence, and strategic problem-solving. This summer, try purchasing a relatively difficult puzzle and completing it as a family. Puzzles can also be glued together with puzzle glue and displayed upon completion as an added bonus and a celebration of the work it took to put it together – as long as you have all the pieces!

In Summary

Whether it’s a s’mores bonfire, family games, or a cooking competition, the most important thing is time together as a family. Kids work really hard during the school year. The stress of grades and social pressures, combined with a rigid schedule, mean that they need some time to let loose. A free range summer might be just what the doctor ordered, and these ideas will let them exercise their creativity while spending quality time with their loved ones.