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“We could not find an age appropriate solution to teach our kids financial literacy – so, we made one.”

Moms and Kids Walking

Nicolle and Annie have been friends for years and have 3 and 4 kids respectively. Confined due to Covid lockdowns, they were desperate to motivate their children to help around the house and do their schoolwork with fewer tears. It was during this difficult time that they discovered that their children were financially illiterate. They dove into the research and discovered that financial illiteracy was not only infecting generations with poor money habits, it was also causing low self-worth. Nicolle and Annie studied the chore apps and the debit cards for kids, but could not find an age-appropriate solution for their young children. Wanting to give their own children a healthy financial education with an emphasis on earning, they got to work.

Leveraging relationships from their professional lives, Nicolle and Annie consulted with child psychologists, financial experts, educators and lots and lots of other parents. Using the leanest approach available, these co-founders built an app to test their assumptions that children could build good money habits starting with the motivation to earn with a fun and interactive product. The result – kids who make their beds without being asked, the end of unhealthy nail biting, and children who proactively ask how they can help out around the house. Nicolle and Annie want to bring My First Nest Egg to the world so that every child can build a happy future and their First Nest Egg.

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