Financial Vocabulary Videos

Introduce kids to financial terms with funny videos made by kids.

A is for Account


An account is where you deposit money to save or use at a later time.

B is for Budget - Financial Vocabulary Money Words for kids


A Budget is a tool to help to manage your spending and saving.

R is for Revenue, C is for Cost, P is for Profit


Cost is the amount of money you have to spend to get something.

D is for Debt


Debt is something owed to someone else – usually it is money.

F is for Finance


Finance is a fancy way to describe dealing with your money.

I is for Inflation


Inflation is the increase in the prices of goods and services over time.


He may be a lean mean biking machine but his brother has a lien on the bike.


Needs are something you must have in order to survive.

R is for Revenue, C is for Cost, P is for Profit


Profit is a financial gain; the money a business has left after paying all the bills

R is for Revenue, C is for Cost, P is for Profit


Revenue is the money you receive in exchange for selling a good or service.

S is for Stock Market

Stock Market

The stock market is where you can buy and sell pieces of companies.


Wants are things that are nice to have but not necessary to survive.

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  • Assets: Things you own that can be sold to get money
  • Allowance: Money that a kid can earn by doing chores for his/her parents
  • Bank: A business where people deposit, withdraw or borrow money
  • Budget: Keeping track of how much money you earn and how much you spend – learn about budgeting for kids here.
  • Chores: Small jobs you do around the house to help your family
  • Deposit: Putting money into an account for safe keeping
  • Debit Card: A plastic card used to buy things instead of cash
  • Economy: The way in which goods and services are made, sold, and used in a country or area. It is how money flows through a community.
  • College Savings (529 Account): A college savings account are tax-advantage investment plans to help families save for college.