Children’s Privacy Policy

My First Nest Egg Children’s Privacy

Last updated March 26, 2022

The same Children’s Privacy policy is contained in the Privacy Policy but is duplicated here for ease of review.

The Services may contain content appropriate for children under the age of 13. As a parent, you should know that through the Services children under the age of 13 may participate in activities that involve the collection or use of personal information. We use reasonable efforts to ensure that before we collect any personal information from a child, the child’s parent receives notice of and consents to our personal information practices.  The Services We provide that are directed at children are for education purposes only in accordance with the principles of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), a U.S. law implemented to protect children under the age of 13. We will obtain necessary parental consents consistent with COPPA regulations when asking for personal information for children under the age of 13 unless the request falls within a permitted exception under COPPA.

Participation in any service, game, or application feature will not be contingent on disclosing any more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in such service, game, or application feature.  It is Our intent that parents are in control of the Mobile Application and that children have access solely to the “View Only Mode” of the Mobile Application.

We also may limit how We collect, use, and store some of the information of Users between 13 and 18 years old. In some cases, this means We will be unable to provide certain functionality of the Service to these Users. If We need to rely on consent as a legal basis for processing Your information and Your country requires consent from a parent, We may require Your parent’s consent before We collect and use that information.

We may ask a User to verify its date of birth before collecting any personal information from them. If the User is under the age of 13, the Service will be either blocked or redirected to a parental consent process.

Information Collected from Children Under the Age of 13

The Company may collect and store persistent identifiers such as cookies or IP addresses from Children without parental consent for the purpose of supporting the internal operation of the Service.

We may collect and store other personal information about children if this information is submitted by a child with prior parent consent or by the parent or guardian of the child.  This information may include all requests and information shared through the “View Only” version of Our Services, task completion, leaderboard position, tracked virtual funds, community service and acts of kindness information.

Except where a parent has submitted information to share through Our Website or Mobile Application and participation on the Community Page and Leaderboard of our Mobile Application, which a parent may opt not to have their child participate, We do not publish or otherwise make personal information collected from children publicly available, nor are children permitted to do so on Our Website or Mobile Application.

The Company may collect and store the following types of personal information about a child when submitted by a child with prior parental consent or by the parent or guardian of the child:

  • First and/or last name
  • Date of birth or birth year (for purposes of providing age-appropriate content)
  • Gender
  • Grade level
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Parent’s or guardian’s name
  • Parent’s or guardian’s email address
  • Contributions submitted to the online community;
  • Login information such as Internet Protocol (“IP”) address;
  • Unique identifiers such as child’s progress toward goals, virtual money, logged activities, and other settings;  and
  • Passively collected data through technologies such as “cookies” necessary for internal Website management.

For further details on the information We might collect, You can refer to the “Types of Data Collected” section of this Privacy Policy. We follow our standard Privacy Policy for the disclosure of personal information collected from and about children.

Third Party Access to Information

We may occasionally contract with third party service providers to facilitate the operation of our Services. For instance, We may use such service providers to provide analytics on website and application usage or to run routine maintenance and security surveys of My First Nest Egg software. Contracted third parties are required to abide by the terms of this Policy and will only be given such information as is reasonably necessary for the scope of their contracted work.  We may also disclose information if permitted or required by law, including to respond to subpoenas, court orders, legal claims or law enforcement and to protect Us.

Parental Rights

Parents always retain the right to withdraw consent previously given for the way We use their children’s data, and they may elect for Us to cease the collection of any and all additional personal information from their children. In some cases, given the nature of the Services, ceasing to use the Services may be the only way to avoid collection of such personal information.   For any questions regarding this Policy or to delete, review, request a copy, or amend any of their children’s Personal Information collected by Us, parents may contact us at [email protected].

Policy Changes and Updates

This Policy may be updated from time to time by publication on the website.  We will give advance notice and acquire renewed parental consent before it changes the way it handles personal information previously collected from children. Non-material changes will be effective upon publication. In either case, We will always note the effective date of any such changes at the top of this Policy. Parents are encouraged to periodically review this Policy for updates.