Welcome to the My First Business Challenge, an online business competition for kids! Here’s the short version of how it works.


Please fill out the “Business Plan Ad-Lib” below on this page! It will give you a way to tell us about your business by just filling in the blanks.

There are two prizes – one for most likes on Instagram and one awarded by judges. You can try to win one or both!

After you fill-in the Ad-Lib about your amazing business, we will send your parent or guardian a release so that you can enter the competition.

We will also send them a copy of your business Ad-Lib so that you’ll have an easy script you can use to record a little video to post on social media if your parents give you permission. Feel free to be creative – the ad-lib is there to help in whatever way you want.


You will need to sign the release forms we send your way after your child has completed and submitted the Ad-Lib below.

On this page…

Contest Details

Below are the rules and regulations surrounding the event. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Email [email protected] with any questions.

In order to participate all applicants must:

  • Be in K-8th grade
  • Fill out the online application 
  • Fill out the business plan ad-lib
  • Family-Friendly Content Only
  • Parental Permission and Release must be signed
  • There are 2 grand prizes 
  • $250 grand prizes will be awarded as follows:
    • $250 to the individual with the most “likes” on Instagram 
    • $250 for the Judge’s Choice Award
    • These prizes will be awarded to separate winners
  • 2 Grand Prizes will be awarded based on the following criteria:
    • Judges’ Choice: decided by Judges 
    • Social Media Choice: to be eligible for this prize, participant(s) must record a short pitch, post to instagram as a reel, and tag My First Nest Egg. Alternatively, participants can send to My First Nest Egg to post. The participant(s) whose pitch has the most “likes” will receive this prize. 
  • Employees or relatives of employees of My First Nest Egg are not eligible to win the grand prizes but are welcome to participate.
  • Submissions accepted through midnight October 15th, winners announced by October 27th

Business Plan Ad-Lib

A business plan is a great way to learn about money because it teaches you how to set financial goals, plan for expenses, forecast potential profits and develop a strategic vision.  The process fosters financial education, critical-thinking and decision-making skills, all which are essential for managing money effectively.

Before you fill in your Ad-Lib watch this video on Profit, Revenue, and Cost.

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Business Overview

Pitch Example

Meet Shealee presenting Oh Sew Happy!