Annie Shoen

Chief Operations Officer

Annie Shoen Profile Shot

Annie Shoen is a dedicated advocate for financial education and is passionate about securing a financially stable future for every child. With a background as a career prosecutor, Annie has extensive experience working within the criminal justice system, particularly with vulnerable and undereducated populations. Witnessing firsthand the impact of inadequate childhood education, she is determined to empower all children to realize their boundless potential through financial education.

Annie’s Education and Work History

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Annie attended undergrad at Gonzaga University and continued her education at the University of Washington School of Law.

Anxious to start making a real-world impact, Annie graduated law school ahead of schedule, passed the bar, and accepted a clerkship in district court.

Following her passion for justice, Annie joined the District Attorney’s Office in Portland, Oregon, where she achieved remarkable success throughout her decade-long tenure. She handled complex trials, ranging from financial fraud to aggravated murder while collaborating with law enforcement and investigative teams to achieve successful case outcomes.

Fighting Elder Abuse and Financial Scams

One of Annie’s key contributions involved serving as a special prosecutor assigned to Elder Abuse cases. Working alongside a multidisciplinary team, she approached complex issues, including fraud and physical abuse, with a holistic perspective to find effective solutions. With her exceptional communication skills, Annie effectively educated audiences through in-person presentations, legislative testimony, and TV appearances on how to protect the most vulnerable in the community.

Kids, Money, and Financial Literacy

Following a fulfilling period raising her four children, Annie’s passion for advocacy found a new focus: children who lack the essential tools for becoming financially literate adults. This compelling drive led her to embark on her current venture, My First Nest Egg, where she humbly and enthusiastically works to address this critical issue so that every child can grow into a financially secure adult.