40+ Top Educational Gifts for Kids 

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For many of us parents, gift-giving can be a difficult balance. On one hand we want to give our child gifts that will enhance their minds, and at the same time we want these gifts to be things that they will be excited to open on Christmas morning – and something they will actually use.

We love watching our kids open gifts, but hate spoiling them.

As the holiday season approaches or a special occasion is on the horizon, we know the quest for the perfect educational and fun gift for your little ones is on your mind. Give yourself a break from racking your brain. We’ve got you covered with a guide to educational (and super fun!) gifts that will bring joy to their faces and stimulate their curious minds.

From interactive learning toys to creative games that make education a blast, we’ve got a little of everything to strike the perfect balance between fun and learning. Get ready to be the hero of the gift-giving game and watch as your kids unwrap a world of excitement and knowledge!

Table of Contents

  • Stem Gifts
  • Stem Kits
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Art Supplies
  • Educational Apps and Software
  • Outdoor Exploration Gifts: 
  • Baking
  • Geography and Culture
  • Learning to Care for Yourself

    Stem Gifts

    1. Discovery Kids Planetarium

    The Discovery Kids #MINDBLOWN Planetarium doubles as a nightlight that teaches kids the planets and star constellations.

    It includes 32 slides on four different discs.

    The projector is battery operated and has a timer that turns off after 30 minutes. 

    2. National Geographic Geology Advent Calendar

    If your child loves geology (and even if they don’t) take a look at National Geographic’s Rock Collection Advent Calendar for days of fun and learning.

    3. Kidzlabs Robotic Hand

    Kids who love science will love the lab projects from Kidzlabs.

    One of my favorites is the Kidzlabs Robotic Hand kit.

    Other options include a fingerprint kit, a lemon powered clock, a green science solar rover and more. 

    4. Hatching XXL Dino Egg by JaRu

    Magic Grow Hatching XXL Dino Eggs can be a great stocking stuffer idea for the child that loves science and/or loves dinosaurs.

    The dinosaur will hatch within 24 hours when directions are followed, and reach its full size in about two days.

    Stem Kits

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) kits are a fantastic way to engage kids in hands-on learning. Look for kits that involve building robots, conducting chemistry experiments, or exploring renewable energy. Below are more ideas!

    5. Robotics Kits

    Robotics kits like LEGO Robotics or Ozobot teach engineering, programming, and problem-solving skills.

    6. Fort-Building Kit

     Good old-fashioned fun in a box! Building a fort is an essential part of any childhood.

    Ditch the dining room chairs and let your child learn fine motor skills, teamwork, and maybe even a little construction knowledge with this fort-building kit.

    7. Classic building toys

    Choices abound when it comes to building toys.

    Options like LEGO, Tinkertoys, and magnetic building sets encourage creativity, problem-solving and provide your child with the spatial understanding that will serve them well in their futures. 

    8. Building Toys for Girls

    Research shows that girls start to lose interest in math and science at age 15, partly because traditional building toys are marketed to boys.

    Enter GoldieBox, the company on a mission to get girls engaged in STEM through interactive toys like GoldieBox Building Kits!


    Kids learn by playing, and board games are a great way to play! They may seem like simple fun, but board games can teach children valuable skills in a fun and competitive environment. 

    9. Catan

    In this addicting game, players engage in trade and settlement building, fostering strategic economic and social thinking.

    This game has gained well-deserved popularity among all age groups, but can be challenging for younger kids. If this is a concern for you, opt for Catan Junior. 

    10. Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride First Journey

    This game of strategy and planning also happens to be a great way for kids to learn about different geographical locations as they race to build their way to first place!

    11. Labyrinth

    The game promotes problem-solving and critical thinking, requiring players to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions, fostering cognitive flexibility and strategic decision-making.

    12. Apples to Apples junior

    This card game never disappoints and is a great way for kids to expand their vocabularies while promoting social interaction and communication!

    13. Math and Science Board Games

    Games like “Math Bingo,” “Math War,” and “The Game of Life” can make learning math and science concepts enjoyable.

    14. Sleeping Queens and Sleeping Queens 2

    This is a favorite in our home.

    Even little kids can play and use their math skills to collect Queens and win the game.


    Puzzles, especially those with increasing difficulty levels, can enhance spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

    15. Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Game

    These murder-mystery puzzle games by TDC Games are the perfect gift for a child who loves puzzles and has a little bit of a detective streak.

    “Read the story, assemble the puzzle, solve the mystery.”

    16. 1000 Piece Solar System Puzzle

    Fashion Fidgets are fidget toys that double as fashion dolls. There are 18 different dolls available, and each has at least three different fidget features.

    Bonus: It’s always a surprise as to which doll is inside a box.

    17. United States Puzzle for Kids

    These murder-mystery puzzle games by TDC Games are the perfect gift for a child who loves puzzles and has a little bit of a detective streak. “Read the story, assemble the puzzle, solve the mystery.”


    High-quality children’s books are always an excellent choice. Look for books that match their age and reading level, as well as books that explore a variety of subjects and genres.

    18. Edible Crafts Kids’ Cookbook States Puzzle for Kids

    These murder-mystery puzzle games by TDC Games are the perfect gift for a child who loves puzzles and has a little bit Kids as young as 4 will love this cookbook that will encourage them to be creative in the kitchen. They will love making edible projects they can enjoy when they’re done. of a detective streak. “Read the story, assemble the puzzle, solve the mystery.”

    19. National Geographic 5,000 Awesome Facts Book

    Kids absolutely love books full of weird facts, and this one does not disappoint. Perfect for bedtime or bathroom reading, kids will love surprising you and their friends with these cool, interesting facts.

    20. Life Skills for Kids

    Every kid needs this book.

    Kids will learn basic skills such as cooking, handling emergencies, communication, running appliances and more.

    It’s fun and useful!

    21. Don’t Laugh Challenge Joke Book:

    This fun book is meant to be more of a game than just a joke book. Kids can play in groups, learn new jokes, and gain self-confidence when they get the biggest laughs.

    22. Journal

    Journals are always a cherished stocking stuffer.

    Give kids the gift of being able to express their feelings and thoughts, even if they’re not comfortable doing so out loud.

    Choose from a classic blank-paged journal, or consider something more tailored, such as this 3-minute gratitude journal from Modern Kid Press.

    Art Supplies

    Encourage creativity with art supplies like sketchbooks, paints, colored pencils, modeling clay, latch-hook, crochet, and embroidery. Art fosters self-expression and fine motor skills.

    23. How to Draw 100 Things Book

    Help your little artist develop their skills with this drawing book that coaches them along with simple activities that help them learn how to draw fun things, as well as wonderful characters.

    24. Latch Hook Kits

    Latch Hook kits are a great way for kids to learn fine motor skills and make their own decor for their rooms along the way!

    25. Nature Coloring Book:

    Embark on a coloring adventure with Coloring Nature! Explore 55 pages, each showcasing a unique animal along with three interesting facts. Organized into five sections based on habitats, this book offers an enjoyable and educational coloring experience.

    26. Watercoloring Book for Kids

    Kickstart your kids’ watercolor exploration with this step-by-step watercoloring book with more than 12 pages for them to copy!

    This book uses high-quality paper that won’t bleed-through when your kids paint their little hearts out. 

    Educational Apps and Software

    Invest in educational apps and software that cater to your child’s age and interests. These can reinforce subjects like math, science, and languages.

    27. My First Nest Egg App

    Hey, that’s us! The My First Nest Egg App is FREE and it helps your kids fall in love with earning, saving, spending and giving money. Use the app to tie work to rewards, and help your kids learn great money habits no matter what their age. 

    The app features a virtual piggy bank, goal setting capabilities, a chores function to help your kids take charge of their responsibilities, and a separate area to track charitable giving. 

    28. MarcoPolo Ocean

    MarcoPolo Ocean is an engaging educational app that invites kids on an underwater adventure, allowing them to explore the wonders of the ocean through interactive activities and games.

    29. Barefoot World Atlas

    Barefoot World Atlas is a captivating app that transforms geography into an interactive experience, offering children a virtual globe to discover fascinating facts and cultures from around the world.

    30. Apple Podcasts

    Bedtime History: This is a delightful podcast series for kids, featuring engaging and educational bedtime stories that transport young listeners to different historical events and figures, making learning a joy-filled prelude to sleep.

    Outdoor Exploration Gifts:

    31. High-Power Binoculars

    Embark on a thrilling adventure with High-Power Binoculars that turn every outdoor exploration into a fascinating discovery, allowing kids to zoom into the wonders of nature while enhancing their observation skills. Paired with Outdoor Exploration Kits for gardening, bird-watching, or bug collecting, these hands-on experiences not only ignite curiosity, but also cultivate a deeper understanding of the natural world, making learning an exciting journey of exploration.

    32. Outdoor Exploration Kits

    Kits for gardening, bird-watching, or bug collecting promote an understanding of the natural world.

    33. Two-Way Radio Long-Range Walkie Talkies:

    Stay connected with Two-Way Radio Long-Range Walkie Talkies, empowering kids with the joy of communication and teamwork as they navigate the great outdoors.

    34. Outdoor Scavenger-Hunt Game

    Any outdoor location, whether a backyard or a hiking trail, becomes an adventure with this Scavenger-Hunt Game, a thrilling blend of education and fun for kids.

    This interactive activity not only encourages teamwork and exploration, but also sparks curiosity as young minds uncover the wonders of nature through exciting challenges and clues.


    35. Cooking and Baking Sets

    What better way to come together as a family than through making and eating delicious food? Get your family obsessed with homemade treats with baking kits or fun doughnut and popsicle molds. Not only is making food at home more affordable and healthier, it also gives your kids the chance to get creative in the kitchen.

    36. Dog-Treat Baking Kit

    Do your kids love baking and furry friends? Then they will get a kick out of whipping up some delicious dog treats using these molds and a delicious mix from King Arthur Flour.

    37. Cookbooks

    A cookbook is guaranteed to be a book your child is excited about. They will eagerly flip through the pages ogling all of the goodies they can’t wait to try to make with you! An easy way to make sure this gift is a hit? Personalize it!

    For your elegant tea-party enthusiasts try this Disney Princess Tea Party Cookbook, or excite your more hands-on kids with the Edible Crafts Kids’ Cookbook or a book filled with edible science experiments. The possibilities are endless – and delicious!

    38. Cooking or baking utensils

    A simple way to get your kids excited to help out in the kitchen is to give them agency over cooking and baking by gifting them their very own set of kitchen utensils! Spoons, whisks, and aprons – these are just as much fun as they are useful!

    Kits like these make easy options, or you can piece together your own very affordably.

    Geography and Culture

    From learning a new language to studying the countries of the world, here are some great gift ideas that will expand your child’s world from the comfort of your home. 

    39. ASL Flashcards

    ASL Flashcards: ASL is perhaps one of the most intuitive languages to learn, and kids pick it up very easily! ASL Flashcards provide an invaluable introduction to American Sign Language, fostering early communication skills and promoting inclusivity by teaching children the beauty of visual language.

    40. Duolingo

    Duolingo, the popular language-learning app, turns acquiring a new language into a playful adventure, enhancing cognitive abilities, boosting memory retention, and instilling a love for diverse cultures in young minds.

    41. Language Learning Kits

    Language Learning Kits with flashcards offer a hands-on approach to mastering new languages, promoting vocabulary building, cognitive development, and cultural awareness through interactive and engaging activities. Language-learning flashcards, especially audio-enhanced ones, can be found in many different languages are are a great place to start!

    42. Maps

    world map picture

    Who says maps can’t be fun? Interactive Maps serve as educational tools that not only broaden geographical knowledge, but also stimulate curiosity, encouraging kids to explore the world and understand different cultures, and fostering a global perspective from an early age.

    Learning to Care for Yourself

    The lesson of self-care should be taught young, and there are many different gifts that can help with that.

    43. Cuticle Care Set

    Cuticle Care Set: More than just a grooming tool, this set introduces kids to the importance of self-care from an early age. Beyond the obvious benefits of maintaining healthy nails, this set encourages a sense of personal responsibility and hygiene. It instills good habits early on, teaching kids that taking care of themselves can be a simple yet empowering daily routine.

    44. The Boy’s Body Book and The Care and Keeping of You Book

    The Boy’s Body Book and The Care and Keeping of You Book: These books provide a safe and informative space for kids to learn about the changes happening in their bodies, fostering a positive and healthy understanding of self.

    By offering age-appropriate information, these books empower kids with knowledge, promoting self-confidence and a sense of control during a crucial stage of their development.

    They serve as trusted companions, helping kids navigate the transition to adolescence with knowledge, grace, and a touch of humor.

    45. How Does My Body Work? Book For Kids

    How Does My Body Work? Book For Kids: The How Does My Body Work? book is a must-read for kids. This STEM-based book helps kids learn about the human body while conducting STEM/STEAM activities in the process.

    The book was written by a physician and is made for kids aged 8 to 12. It’s also a Honey App best seller.

    46. Bath-Time Fun

    Bath-Time Fun: Spice up the cleaning routine with some fun bubble bath or any one of many bath toys.

    Not only are these great ways to get your child to take a bath, it will also get them used to the idea of doing so out of enjoyment and not just because they are


    Finding the perfect blend of educational and entertaining gifts for our little ones can truly be a game-changer from a parent’s perspective. In a world brimming with possibilities, we’ve explored gifts that not only spark curiosity but also nurture a love for learning. From language marvels that open doors to new cultures to the exciting realms of STEM, giving your kids the perfect gift might be easier than expected.

    So, whether it’s igniting a passion for science or fostering linguistic prowess, these gifts promise to turn every moment into an adventure of growth and discovery for our kids. As parents, let’s revel in the joy of watching our little learners unwrap the magic of knowledge wrapped in the joy of play, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. After all, in the delightful world of education and fun, the possibilities are as boundless as a child’s imagination!