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42 Amazing Stocking Stuffers Kids will Love: Educational and Fun

The holidays are just around the corner, and along with main gifts, it’s always fun to find stocking stuffers for kids.

The best stocking stuffers for kids fit the individual gift recipient. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of stocking stuffers for kids that fit a variety of wants, interests and needs. 

We’ve grouped our recommendations into two main categories–educational stocking stuffers and fun stocking stuffers–and included links for easy shopping. 

Bring smiles to the faces of the kids in your life by giving them the perfect stocking stuffer gifts this holiday season.

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Educational Stocking Stuffers For Kids

These stocking stuffer suggestions bring not only fun, but education to your child’s life as well. Buy them if you want to promote joy but sneak in some learning as well. 

Table of Contents

Science Stocking Stuffers

Why not get stocking stuffers that help the kids in your life learn science while having fun? Check out these science-based stocking stuffers to learn more.

1. Discovery Kids Planetarium

The Discovery Kids #MINDBLOWN Planetarium doubles as a nightlight that teaches kids the planets and star constellations. 

It includes 32 slides on four different discs. The projector is battery operated and has a timer that turns off after 30 minutes. 

At 5 in. x 9 in. by 11 in., it’ll fit nicely in a stocking when taken out of the box. The set includes a poster that has names and pictures of popular planets and constellations. 

2. Kidzlabs Robotic Hand

Kids who love science will love the lab projects from Kidzlabs. One of my favorites is the Kidzlabs Robotic Hand kit. 

Other options include a fingerprint kit, a lemon powered clock, a green science solar rover and more. 

3. Hatching XXL Dino Egg by JaRu

Magic Grow Hatching XXL Dino Eggs can be a great stocking stuffer idea for the child that loves science and/or loves dinosaurs.

The dinosaur will hatch within 24 hours when directions are followed, and reach its full size in about two days.

4. Steve Spangler Energy Stick Conductor

Steve Spangler's Energy Stick Conductor - great stocking stuffer

Steve Spangler’s Energy Stick Conductor is a great stocking stuffer. The Energy Stick’s sensing circuit is so sensitive that it can detect even a very small amount of electricity that travels across your skin! Learn about conductivity and different types of circuits.

It’s completely safe, and it’s a totally cool way to learn about the conductors of electricity.

By adding the probes to the ends of Energy Stick, you have made what electricians call a conductivity tester or a device that determines if something conducts electricity.

5. How Does My Body Work? Book For Kids

The How Does My Body Work? book is a must-read for kids. This STEM-based book helps kids learn about the human body while conducting STEM/STEAM activities in the process.

The book was written by a physician and is made for kids aged 8 to 12. It’s also a Honey App best seller.

Brain Game Stocking Stuffers

Another idea for educational stocking stuffers is to get brain teaser games for kids. Here are some popular ideas.

6. Kanoodle

The Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game features over 200 puzzle challenges for kids aged 7 and up. 

This amazing stocking stuffer comes with its own carrying case and a 48-page puzzle instruction book–a great gift for kids of all ages. Perfect for traveling or when you’re out and about.

7. Foldology Origami Puzzle Game

The Foldology Origami Puzzle Game set comes with 100 different origami puzzles. There are five difficulty levels for kids aged 10 and up.

This is another perfect travel brain teaser. Use it as a single player game or share with friends.

8. Lesong Brain Teaser Puzzles

The Lesong Brain Teaser Metal and Wooden Puzzle Set includes 9 different puzzles for kids of all ages, toddler and up. 

Along with teaching problem solving skills, this set can double as a fidget toy. Great for travel or keeping busy off of the screen.

9. Brain Teasers Puzzles for Kids and Adults

This Brain Teaser Puzzle Set comes with 12 different colorful, plastic puzzles. There are no sharp edges, so it’s safe for little ones, although the manufacturer’s recommended age is 8 and up.

The set comes with a carrying case and an instruction book.

10. Brain Bolt Memory Game

The Brain Bolt Memory Game is a brain teaser that helps strengthen memory and sequential thinking skills.

It’s made for one or two players. Simply repeat the pattern shown on the board. The hand-held size makes it great for travel. 

11. Flipside Game

The Flipside Game is a “beat the clock”  Amazon Choice color-matching game made for up to four players. You’ll flip to match the color and slide to match the lights.

Choose from four different game modes.

Stocking Stuffers That Promote Good Habits

You can find fun stocking stuffers that promote good habits with the cool gift ideas we’ve found here.

12. Mark My Time Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer

The Mark My Time Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer functions as a bookmark, a reading light and it keeps track of how much time your child spends reading.

This is a great choice for gift givers who want to instill a love for reading into a child’s life. The bookmarks come in a variety of designs and colors, including Star Wars, Disney Princess and a wide range of colors and patterns.

13. My First Nest Egg App

The My First Nest Egg App helps your kids fall in love with earning, saving, spending and giving money. 

Use the app to tie work to rewards, and help your kids learn great money habits no matter what their age. 

The app features a virtual piggy bank, goal setting capabilities, a chores function to help your kids take charge of their responsibilities and a separate area to track charitable giving. 

The app’s free two-week trial provides for the perfect stocking stuffer that combines learning, fun and responsibility. 

14. Bath Bombs

Get kids into the habit of wanting to bathe regularly when you buy them bath bombs. Online stores feature a host of bath bombs that take the drudgery out of cleaning up.

For instance, this 26-piece organic bath bomb set is made from all naturally derived ingredients and includes suction dinosaur toys inside each bath bomb. 

Other options include bath bombs in fun shapes, fun colors as well as bath bombs with other surprises in the middle.

15. Life Skills for Kids Book

The Life Skills for Kids Book is a fun stocking stuffer that will teach kids skills such as:

  • Basic cooking
  • Cleaning
  • How to set goals
  • How to make friends
  • Handling emergencies

And more. A #1 best-selling book on Amazon, the Life Skills for Kids book encourages learning and responsibility in a fun and motivating manner.

Sensory/Calming Stocking Stuffers

If you’re searching for calming stocking stuffers or gifts for those who struggle with sensory issues, these ideas could be just what you’re looking for.

16. Fashion Fidgets

Fashion Fidgets are fidget toys that double as fashion dolls. There are 18 different dolls available, and each has at least three different fidget features.

Bonus: It’s always a surprise as to which doll is inside a box.

17. Cra-Z-Sand Rainbow Sand Jar

The Cra-Z-Sand Rainbow Sand Jar comes with over one pound of multi-colored, malleable sand for creating shapes with or to use as a calming toy.

Molding tool included. This non-toxic sand is for kids ages 4 and up.

18. Infinity Fidget Cubes

Infinity Fidget Cubes are great for calming anxiety and using them as fidget toys. Useful for decompression and stress management.

Suitable for kids and adults alike. Choose from a variety of designs.

19. Monkey String

Monkey String is a bendable, shapeable wax yarn string that can be helpful for helping calm anxiety. 

The pack we’ve linked to here includes 500 pieces in a variety of colors and the yarn is safe for kids and mess-free, which means the color stays where it’s supposed to stay.

20. Slime Eggs

Slime is another wonderful toy that is useful for reducing anxiety and helping manage sensory struggles.

This 12-pack of slime eggs comes in fun “galaxy” colors and is made for kids age 3 and up. Note that these eggs have more of a “putty” ‘consistency, but that there are other more “slimy” options available as well.

Fun Stocking Stuffers For Kids

We love educational stocking stuffers, but sometimes kids (and adults) simply want to have fun. These fun stocking stuffer ideas come in a range of categories.

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

When you want to get stocking stuffers that fit in with your frugal nature or budget, these ideas can’t be beat.

21. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are fun for kids of all ages, and come in a wealth of design choices including:

And dozens of other designs at prices under $10. Choose designs based on your gift recipient’s style and provide them with 100 or more tattoos to choose from. 

The design choices are endless in terms of color, style and more.

22. Hair Ties

Hair ties are all the rage with my teenagers. If you have a child on your gift list that loves hair ties, consider these options.

And other designs. Price, material and color choices abound.

23. Joke Book

If your gift recipient appreciates a good joke book, you can find a wealth of choices for under $10. 

The Don’t Laugh Challenge joke book is perfect for kids aged 5 to 11. On the other hand, this Try Not to Laugh joke book suits teens aged 13 and 14. 

Or you can always go for a classic Would You Rather? book. There are dozens of choices available for kids of all ages.

24. Scratch Art Mini Notepad

Almost everyone loves notepads, but these notepads are different. Melissa and Doug’s scratch art notepads make note writing extra fun. 

You get 125 scratch art notes, and you can choose from five different designs such as nature, ocean and rainbow. 

Not interested in scratch art notes? You can find traditional notepads in a wealth of color choices on the web.

Classic Stocking Stuffers

If you’re not interested in straying too far from the norm when it comes to stocking stuffers, set your sights on these classic stocking stuffer choices.

25. Lip Balm

Winter is the perfect time to give lip balm as a stocking stuffer. In fact, I give my kids lip balm as stocking stuffers every year.

Choose from classic lip balm brands such as Lip Smacker, or change it up a bit. For instance, this Naturistick 8-pack of lip balms is 100% certified beeswax, and contains no petroleum, no parabens, no gluten, and it’s non-GMO.

26. Journal

Journals are always a cherished stocking stuffer. Give kids the gift of being able to express their feelings and thoughts, even if they’re not comfortable doing so out loud.

Choose from a classic blank-paged journal, or consider something more tailored, such as this 3-minute gratitude journal from Modern Kid Press.

27. $5 Gift Card

When in doubt, a $5 gift card is a can’t-lose choice for a stocking stuffer. You can choose from a variety of retailers for your gift card:

  • Walmart or Target
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell or Dairy Queen
  • Movie theater gift cards

Or other ideas your child loves to frequent.

28. Nail Polish

Nail polish is always a fun and affordable stocking stuffer. You can choose classic colors like the ones offered here, or do something different and go for these color changing nail polishes

Another option: Check out Sally Hansen’s Good. Kind. Pure. vegan nail polishes that are free from most chemicals used in traditional nail polishes, such as formaldehyde. Available in a variety of colors.

Just For Fun Stocking Stuffers

These stocking stuffer ideas promote fun, fun and more fun.

29. Teeturtle Reversible Plushies

Teeturtle reversible plushies are stuffed animals with a twist: you can flip them inside out to change the design. There are a variety of animals, colors and designs available.

30. Personalized Name Crayons

Another “just for fun” stocking stuffer idea is to buy crayons formed in the shape of your gift recipient’s name.

Etsy features several sellers that will ship crayons in the form of a person’s name. Choose from solid colored crayons or multi-colored crayons.

31. Magic In A Snap Abracadabra Collection Magic Tricks

The Magic in a Snap magic collection by Melissa and Doug is a 10-piece magic set for kids aged 4 to 7.

This set includes magic playing cards, a rope cutter, a color-changing silk, a magic wand and more. There are other magic sets available from Melissa and Doug as well.

32. Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs make a perfect stocking stuffer for chocolate lovers. This hot chocolate bomb set by Bombombs contains hot chocolate bombs in five different flavors. 

Flavors include Fudge Brownie and Caramel Candy. Sold in packs of five or ten.

33. Fingerboard by DLX

DLX’s Tech Deck fingerboards are all the rage these days. They come in packs of 10, all in different designs. 

Kids can use the fingerboards to learn tricks or collect for fun. The boards are designed with graphics from big name skate companies such as Element and Plan B.

34. Fun Socks

Fun socks are another great stocking stuffer idea. Choose from basic designs, animal designs such as these cat socks, or cater to your gift recipient’s personal likes, such as tv show socks

35. Pencils

Not just any pencils: Smencils are pencils that come in fun scents such as Bubble Gum and Watermelon.

Stocking Stuffers That Promote Teamwork

Are you searching for stocking stuffers that promote teamwork? If so, consider these options.

36. Go Fish Cards

Go Fish card sets are an old standby stocking stuffer that entertain kids of all ages. And there are a wealth of designs to choose from.

If you’re searching for extra variety, Melissa and Doug’s Classic Card Games Set includes cards for Go Fish, Old Maid, Rummy and more.

37. Skillmatics Card Game

The Skillmatics card game sets are quick card games full of smart questions. Divide groups up into teams and work to answer questions about animals, states, food and other categories.

Each game features a specific category.

38. Edible Crafts Kids’ Cookbook

These fun cookbooks help kids work together (or alone) to create edible crafts. The Awesome Edible Kids’ Crafts cookbook has 75 all natural crafts for kids to make and eat.

Work with friends or family members to make edible taffy balloons, edible play dough and more.

39. Mini Jenga Game

Hasbro’s Mini Jenga Game provides mini-sized fun while promoting teamwork. Each player takes turns removing pieces of the puzzle without making it fall down. 

This travel-sized version makes transportation easy. Bring the game on road trips, to restaurants and more.

40. Happy Salmon Party Game

The Happy Salmon Card Game is designed for 2 to 5 players aged 6 and up. Draw a card and quickly search for another player with the same card.

Perform the action listed on the card, discard and repeat. Play in 90 seconds or for hours. Teamwork is the key to winning! 

41. Teamwork Bookmark Cards

These teamwork bookmark cards promote both reading and teamwork. Give a set of 12 to the kids in your life, and they can practice teamwork by sharing. 

This set provides constant reminders that teamwork makes dreams work.

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Idea

Here’s one more bonus stocking stuffer idea to send you off with.

42. Experience Gifts

Last but not least, you can always give an experience gift as a stocking stuffer. Some experience gifts you can give the kids on your list can include:

  • Movie nights
  • Baking days
  • A trip to the park
  • A visit to a nearby museum

Or other ideas like zoos or a visit to the ice cream shop. Time spent together is one of the nicest gifts you can give.


When it comes to amazing stocking stuffers kids will love there’s no shortage of ideas. Use this list to get personalized stocking stuffer ideas for every child on your list.