50 Amazing Stocking Stuffers Kids will Love: Educational and Fun

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When I was a child, Christmas didn’t look like it does for my kids. We had very few presents from Santa. Most of our gifts came from relatives. But even if the situation under the tree was a little sparse, that was never the case for the mantle. Our stockings were always full to the brim, making my Christmas mornings some of the happiest memories of my life.

Stockings can be a little tricky for Santa. Sometimes they can be a repository for junky little toys that go immediately into the giveaway bin. There is an art to stuffing the perfect stocking, and in this article we will give you enough ideas to stuff all the stockings in the house.

We asked countless experts (most under 13), and these stuffers are what kids want to see in their stockings on Christmas morning.

Table of Contents

  • 10 Games Your Kids WILL Play
  • 20 Educational & Crafty Ideas
  • 20 Just for Funsies Stocking Stuffers

    10 Games Your Kids WILL Play

    Card Games always make great stocking stuffers. They are bright, fun, and give kids something to do when they wake up at 5AM on Christmas, literally 5 minutes after their poor parents have gone to sleep. In my opinion kids can never have too many card games. They should be the first thing that goes into your purse for trips to the DMV or doctor or traveling across the country.

    These little boxes and tins have come a long way since we were kids. Some of the classics are still out there, but now it seems like almost every game comes with a card version. We’ve sorted through the most popular options and found the ones that will occupy your kids for hours of fun.

    1. Sleeping Queens

    Sleeping Queens is a stocking sized card game that is fun for kids of all ages. The goal is to collect as many Queens as possible.

    Opponents can steal queens or put them to sleep. The game is relatively fast paced and kids have to do some limited addition and subtraction along the way.

    2. Monopoly Deal

    Monopoly Deal is a fun (and short) version of Monopoly without all the hassle of a board. There seem to be less tears in this fast paced game than in the full version. It takes a couple rounds to get all of the rules down, but once kids play it a few times they want to play again and again. 

    3. Cover Your A$$ets

    Cover Your A$$ets teaches kids some financial skills and terminology while they’re having fun.

    Our kids wanted to play this game over and over last summer. There is some strategy, some luck, and a lot of fun. 

    4. Spot it!

    Spot it! is a fun little pocket card game for the entire family. What we love about this game is that it can be played in as little as 5 minutes.

    It’s a visual learning game for kids where they learn to spot matches on cards.

    This is great for airplanes, road trips, or just anywhere you have a little time to kill.

    There are now fun versions for Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, Mandalorian, Pixar and Marvel

    5. Uno

    Uno is an old standby that has been popular for decades for a reason. This inexpensive two pack is perfect for multiple stockings or to save one for a friend’s birthday gift. Kids are even now taking Reverse cards to school so that insults bounce the other way.

    There are approximately 87,000,000 variations of Uno, so there is always a new one to try.

    6. Flipslide

    Flipslide is a fun, light-up game that requires kids to flip, slide and match the colors. Kids can race against the clock and play by themselves, or switch to multiplayer mode and play with friends. It will provide hours of mind stimulating entertainment. 

    7. Exploding Kittens

    Exploding Kittens took the game world with a bang (pun intended) after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and has been booming (pun still intended) ever since.

    It’s easy to play, fun, and strategic for kids and adults. It’s like Go Fish but funnier with more rules.

    The two player version is slightly smaller for stocking stuffer purposes. 

    8. This Charades for Kids

    This Charades for Kids card game is fun for the whole family because the cards have pictures, so even non readers can play.

    There are three different levels so it’s appropriate for younger, and older kids. 

    9. Guess Who?

    Guess Who?, the classic children’s game where players try to guess who the other person has, now comes in a card game. Our kids can spend hours playing the board game version, so this will be in a stocking this year for sure. It’s easy enough for even little kids, but requires strategic thinking. It’s a win/win.

    10. Mille Bornes

    Mille Bornes has been around for decades and will give you a dose of nostalgia this holiday season. Somehow they managed to make a racing game into a card game and it does not disappoint. Players race to be the first one to 1,000 miles, and have to grapple with low gas and flat tires. This classic will even rope in mom and dad.

    20 Educational & Crafty Ideas

    Kids can have fun while learning and expanding their little minds. These fun, but educational, stocking stuffers will have your kids playing for hours without even realizing they’re getting smarter. Every stocking should have a few of these to make you feel better about stuffing them to the brim.

    1. Paper Airplane Kits

    Paper Airplane Kits come in cute little boxes for hours of fun and creativity. Sure, your child could just take handfuls of paper out of your printer, thereby ensuring there’s never paper when you urgently need to print a work doc, but where’s the fun in that?

    These are bright, entertaining, and 2-sided for double the fun!

    2. Small Lego Packs

    Small Lego Packs are one of my kids’ favorite Christmas morning surprises. You can find a wide variety for under $10.

    There is a little space shuttle for budding astronauts, Minecraft for the gamers, police car for future law enforcement, a Friends dog rescue bike for animal lovers, and of course Boba Fett’s Starship for the Star Wars fans. 

    3. Rubik Cubes

    Rubik Cubes. When I was a kid I mostly just moved these little blocks around. Only genius level kids could make any sense out of them.

    But with the dawn of YouTube it would appear that basically any child can be a genius and learn how to solve these little puzzles. You can start small and work your way up to the more complicated versions. It’s a great party trick to impress those relatives who think their kids are smarter than yours.

    This set comes with 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 varieties so kids can move up as they master the previous skill level.

    4. Kelloggs Fun Pack Puzzles

    Kelloggs Fun Pack Puzzles are a little more challenging than they look. These cute mini cereal boxes hold puzzle pieces instead of Frosted Flakes.

    This pack comes with 6 so each child can get their favorite cereal to put together while they wait for you to wake up and make them a real breakfast.

    5. KidzLabs Moon Torch

    looks like a flashlight, but is much, much more fun. Kids can project realistic images of the moon onto flat surfaces.

    This will peak their curiosity about space, and give them a fun toy to shine around the house on those dark winter nights. 

    6. Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark

    Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark is the perfect gift for any child being forced against their will to read (aka, homework).

    It tracks kids’ reading time so that they can report it back to parents, or teachers.

    It’s also a bookmark so they can come back to where they left off and find their place.

    7. Novel LED Neck Reading Light

    This novel LED Neck Reading Light is the perfect compliment to the digital bookmark. It sits comfortably on the shoulders so you don’t have to clip it to a book which makes the book sag. It comes in a variety of colors for everyone on your list.

    8. Self Adhesive Chenille Patches

    Self Adhesive Chenille Patches are a fun way to personalize hats, shirts, jeans and bags. Kids will love customizing their drip, and parents will love that they don’t have to bust out an iron.

    If your child is crafty and wants to make gifts for their friends, you can buy these adorable travel jewelry cases in bulk and voila! The perfect Christmas project. 

    9. Crochet Kits

    These Crochet Kits for beginners are absolutely precious. Kids can easily learn to crochet everything from dinosaurs to carrots. Kids will get the tools and yarn they need, and easy video tutorials will guide them through the process of making their very own little toys.

    10. Painting Dinosaur Pull Back Cars

    Painting Dinosaur Pull Back Cars are a great craft for kids who love to craft and love dinosaurs (aka 6 year olds).

    They get to design their own toys that they can zoom around the house.

    11. Wiki Stix

    Wiki Stix are still very much a thing in kid world. These waxy little sticks can be twisted, swirled, bent and shaped into anything your child can imagine.

    Whenever my kids get their hands on these things, they immediately make themselves silly glasses and earrings. They provide hours of fun and are great for travel entertainment.

    12. Kids Whittling Knife for Beginners

    Kids Whittling Knife for Beginners is a fun way for kids to be introduced to the art of whittling.

    Bonus: it gives you a reason to also put sticks in the stocking which is both a free and easy stocking stuffer.

    In some countries kids on the naughty list get sticks, so at least they can do something productive with them while they ponder their bad behavior.

    13. Duncan Light Up Yo-Yos

    Duncan Light Up Yo-Yos will provide your child with hours of good, clean fun and very little mess.

    Kids can first learn to master the art of the up and down, before learning more complicated tricks such as shoot the moon or walk the dog. If you have any skills whatsoever, you can even impress them and show them how it’s done. 

    14. This Think Fun Math Dice Game

    This Think Fun Math Dice Game is a teacher favorite and Toy of the Year Nominee.
    This is the perfect stocking stuffer for kids who need a little push to learn their addition and subtraction facts. 

    15. KidzLabs Lemon Clock

    KidzLabs Lemon Clock is a cool way to get kids excited about science. Just add a lemon and this fun clock comes to life.

    The manufacturer makes no guarantees that it will get your kids in the car on time in the morning.

    16. Super Mario Toothbrush

    A Super Mario Toothbrush might be exactly what your little one needs to get them to brush their teeth at night.

    It’s electric, soft, $5, and runs on a single AA battery.

    Naturally there are other character options: Avengers, Frozen, Bluey and an assortment of other options are perfect for whatever your child is into at this particular moment. 

    17. Thinking Putty

    Thinking Putty – because Slime is the devil, and putty is slightly better. This falling water, liquid glass, variation even looks like it might be fun for adults.

    Their varieties seem endless: Cosmic Glows, Party Animals, Intergalactic, Star Dust, Arcade Adventure, Tidal Wave, etc… I had no idea our family needed so much putty, but I’m sure it wouldn’t come in so many varieties if we didn’t need them all. 

    18. Wallets

    Wallets are a key component to financial awareness, and even toddlers absolutely love to carry them. These little versions are exactly what a child needs – a zippered pocket for coins they’ll count a million times and then lose, and a cash compartment for those coveted dollar bills. Maybe if they put their money in a wallet, it won’t end up in a lint filter.

    19. Coin Wrappers and Sorters

    Coin Wrappers and Sorters are also a great choice for kids starting to show an interest in money. Once kids have gathered all the random change in the house, they can wrap it and take it to their bank or credit union, without a store change machine getting a cut. Fun story – last summer my son’s latest get rich quick scheme involved buying rolls of 50 cent pieces from the bank in hopes of finding a rare one. He now has lots of not rare 50 cent pieces he’ll be sorting, rolling, and bringing right back to the bank.

    20. The Kanoodle Brain Teaser Game

    The Kanoodle Brain Teaser Game, pocket edition, brings the fun and stimulation of Kanoodle into a small package perfect for stockings and on the go fun. If you ever played with Tangrams as a kid, this is basically the new, 3D version for hours of brain stimulating fun. Also, Tangrams still exist and this travel magnetic Tangram book would also make a great addition to any child’s Christmas trove.

    20 Just for Funsies Stocking Stuffers

    Not every stocking stuffer needs to make your kid a genius. Some just need to entertain them while you try to sneak in a Christmas afternoon nap. From fidgets to stuffies to the latest pint sized “it” toys, this list has something for everyone.

    1. Liquipens

    Liquipens are fun for girls and boys, and this 3 pack has everyone covered.

    It’s fun for kids to watch the different colors of ink drop down, and as a bonus they’ll have something to use to write all of those Christmas thank you cards.

    2. Flying Monkeys

    Flying Monkeys are a staple of Christmas stockings in our house.

    They’re just one of those novelties that make kids laugh and squeal with delight.

    When the kids are done playing with them and the extended family arrives, everyone has to pick up the monkey and give it a fling. 

    3. Shape Shifting Boxes

    Shape Shifting Boxes might be one of the coolest looking toys on this list.

    This toy is a puzzle box and a sensory toy, with rare earth magnets and the ability to connect with your friends’ cubes as well.

    They come in all patterns and colors and can be bought in sets of 3 so there is one for everyone.

    4. Hatching Eggs

    Hatching Eggs are a classic stocking stuffer for a reason. Personally, I find them to be a little gross. Kids put them in water to hatch.

    They hatch and get all slimy. Kids then take the slimy character out of water to shrink. And then back to the water to grow. Somehow this is the perfect entertainment for kids as little as 3 and as old as 13. These cute rainbow variations are perfect for your little Princess.

    5. Glow in the Dark Stretchy Strings

    Glow in the Dark Stretchy Strings burst onto the toy scene this year (at least for my kids) and they seem to be a fun little sensory experience.
    They stretch. They glow. They somehow entertain. I can’t say I’m dying to get these in my stocking, but they’ll be going in all the kids’ stockings this year. 

    6. Transformable Fidget Spinners

    Transformable Fidget Spinners are a new take on a fun stand-by. Sometimes kids just need something to do with their hands so they don’t stick their fingers up their noses or into the Christmas pie. These do the trick. Magnetic fidget rings are also a great way to occupy those little fingers.

    7. Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

    Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy. I don’t know what to say, except that if you have children you understand why this is a must buy. This particular candy promises to donate 10% of profits to charity, so you can feel better about indulging flatulence humor in your children.

    8. Melting Snowman Putty

    Melting Snowman Putty is one of those things that comes out every year at Christmas time.

    Kids love to build the snowman, wait while it “melts” and then do the same thing again and again.

    9. Lip Smacker Marvel Spiderman and Captain America Keychains

    Lip Smacker Marvel Spiderman and Captain America Keychains democratize lip balm. Because hydrated lips should be for everyone, not just little girls who keep approximately 7,000 varieties everywhere they can possibly stash them, especially if it includes the pockets of freshly washed and dried pants. The Frozen version is also very cute, and maybe, just maybe, if they hang it on their backpacks, it will stay out of your washing machine. 

    10. Paratroopers

    Paratroopers are a great addition to any stocking for kids who like to throw things off of high places.

    So all kids. I distinctly remember throwing these off our deck for hours of fun as a child. Bonus: you have to run down and get them and then run back up to rethrow. So you could almost file these under a fitness investment.

    11. Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies

    Almost everyone loves notepads, but these notepads are different. Melissa and Doug’s scratch art notepads make note writing extra fun. 

    You get 125 scratch art notes, and you can choose from five different designs such as nature, ocean and rainbow. 

    Not interested in scratch art notes? You can find traditional notepads in a wealth of color choices on the web.

    12. Vomiting Stress Balls

    Vomiting Stress Balls only make this list because I have children and feel compelled to not be the only one with kids who enjoy vomiting stress balls.

    If you’re trying to keep Christmas classy – feel free to avoid. You can also avoid the next entry…

    13. Whoopee Cushions.

    Whoopee Cushions. I’m not proud of myself. But it needed to be said. Kids love fart sounds. I’m very sorry.

    And because I’ve already stooped this low, I feel compelled to mention that there is also a farting ninja poop pen. Just so you can avoid it of course. 

    14. Princess Eggs

    Princess Eggs are a good way to move on from whoopee cushions. What these lack in educational value, they make up for in cuteness level. Why it is that some little girls love cute little pocket sized princesses is beyond me, but it’s a phenomenon that is here to stay.

    15. Wild Republic Pretend Phone Water Game

    This Wild Republic Pretend Phone Water Game has my kids totally hooked. My daughter first bought one at the zoo, and has been a fan ever since.

    There is something about the combination of the fake phone (it even has the little pop-out holder on the back) and the ring game that make it an entertaining winner.

    16. Light-up Magic Rail Twirlers

    Light-up Magic Rail Twirlers were a thing back when I was a kid, which I guess basically makes them timeless. You will feel the nostalgia of Christmas past when your child runs around the house making their new toy spin and glow.

    17. Wild Republic Stuffies

    Wild Republic Stuffies are very, very cute. This Bison, Cuddlekins, will absolutely love peeking out of a stocking top, and will surely find its way under your child’s covers. 

    18. Lumiballs

    Lumiballs are fun little balls that glow in the dark, and stick to surfaces, such as the ceiling or walls. They’re fun to throw, squeeze, or use for stress relief. 

    19. Barbies

    Barbies. This one speaks for itself. It definitely felt like this was the year of the Barbie. A little neighbor girl just delivered cookies and I asked her what she wanted to see sticking out of her stocking Christmas morning, and this topped her list.

    20. Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs with actual little toys in them might be the only way you can convince some kids to take baths. These little bombs will make your stockings smell good, and promise to get your stinky little cutie to bathe. If rainbows are more your child’s thing, try these organic and adorable Rainbow Bath Bombs which release a rainbow into the foamy water. 

    Stocking Stuffer Summary

    Stuffing the perfect stocking has never been easier with this highly curated and researched list. Many of these toys and games also make great little gifts, or prize box options, for kids throughout the year. I keep a little supply on hand for last minute birthday presents or good behavior rewards.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and hoping your children wake up with full hearts and happy smiles on Christmas morning.