Chore Puzzles

Empower Kids with Puzzles: Motivating Kids’ Success, Piece by Piece

No one is full of more false hope than a parent with a new chore chart…

That’s Why We Invented Chore Puzzles.

Visual Tracking

Designed with the help of Child Psychologists, Chore Puzzles allow children to visually track progress towards their goals.

Goal Setting

These patented Puzzles teach kids goal setting, delayed gratification, and perseverance. Kids will receive positive affirmation with every piece that snaps into place, but learn to wait until the end for the reward.


Upload any picture or use one of ours, kids can see their goal come together piece by piece. Parents chose the size of the puzzle, the reward, and the chores that need to be completed.


Chore Puzzles can be set to automatically deposit money into the child’s Nest Egg upon completion, or parents can use them to help kids earn rewards like screentime, toys, outings or trips.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what parents are saying about Chore Puzzles.


App Store Review

“Digital sticker chart that you can tie to real life toys for the kids to earn. This has ended the struggle in my house over getting ready for bed and school.”


App Store Review

“As an educator, I love this app for my kiddo. The puzzles are user-friendly and so fun.”


App Store Review

“This app has my kids so excited to do chores and help around the house. They love earning their puzzle pieces and feeling a sense of accomplishment.”